Sunday, September 23, 2007

Is it at all worth being a tourist in exotic locations now?

Perhaps it is just one thing after another:

we can all take one delayed flight or two... but a rather senior executive I know (travelling first class) to St Petersburg missed his connecting flight even though they landed bang on time!

Why did he miss his connecting flight? Because the doors of his airplane would not open!

They sat and sat and sat, till it was too late for him to catch the connecting flight....

And as there is only one flight a day to St. Petersburg, the result was a scramble to find a bed for an unscheduled night in a hotel.

The next morning, he found himself in a city which, had he intended to stop and planned for it, might have been quite nice but, as it was, he simply wasted some hours of his life away from his family with whom he had hoped to rendezvous and have a lovely time with the previous evening. Sphere: Related Content

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