Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The terrible threat of foreign missionaries in India

According to the 2006 US Report on Religious Freedom, there was the incredible figure of approximately one hundred registered foreign Christian missionaries (Catholic and Protestant) in the country!

That means that, for only 12.5 million Indians, there is one whole missionary! Which is of course far too much!

In fact, my sophisticated computer model, which was installed by me as soon as such computer models came into existence, has been entirely devoted for the last decades to the sole purpose of calculating the overload of missionaries in India - and it has very precisely calculated this morning that, when the number of existing missionaries is compared to the number of missionaries we should have in India, we have approximately one hundred too many.

And we must not overlook the dangerous fact that most of these missionaries are over the age of seventy. As we all know, normal human beings grow weaker and more helpless as they grow older. On the other hand, missionaries, as they are not normal human beings, grow stronger and more wily every day.

No wonder then that my sophisticated computer model informs me that these gray-haired old people are a dangerous menace in every way (social, cultural and religious) to India's ancient civilisation - which has successfully held over 70% of the population under our control for some thousands of years. In fact, my computer model informs me that we will no longer be able to continue to hold the vast majority of our people in subjection if this terrible band of 100 is allowed to continue its nefarious activities, which consist of offering not only medical and agricultural help but even education to outcastes (who are now called "Dalits", specially by missionaries and other anti-national and anti-Hindu forces).

I demand that the Government of India, in the next session of Parliament, states:

1. how many civil servants, how many members of the police forces, and how many members of the intelligence services are wholly devoted to the cause of monitoring and countering the activities of this band of one hundred undesirable people;

2. whether the Government regards this number of employees as sufficient for the purpose of keeping an eye on this hyper-active and over-clever band of 100; and

3. what plans the Government has to expand the number of civil servants, uniformed policemen and policewomen, and members of the secret services and intelligence services, so that the threat posed by these 100 old people can be contained and neutralised.

Whatever the view of the Government, it is totally obvious to me that the present (and indeed any realistic foreseeable future) combined weight of the Indian Army, Air Force, Navy, Police Forces, Secret Services, Intelligence Services and (most of all) the civil services, is totally inadequate for the purpose.

Every true Indian must immediately make all possible efforts to identify and locate, and then beat up, sexually violate, strangle, stab, burn or (preferably) eat alive each of these one hundred missionaries.

Only then will our glorious civilisation have the chance of emerging from the present kaliyuga, where even Dalits are being given a chance to be our equals.

Jai Bharat! Jai RSS! Jai Bajrang Dal!

Let us hasten the day when Dalits can once again have thumbs cut off if they acquire any practical skill, when molten lead can once again be poured into their ears if they hear anything even half-intelligent, and when their eyes can be gouged out if they so much as catch sight of a book, pamphlet, computer screen, television, telephone dial, street hoarding or matchbox advertisement. Sphere: Related Content

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