Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The difference between realising that you have done something wrong, and doing something about that

Jack Welch and Alan Greenspan, among others, have now acknowledged that the basic principles on which they operated were wrong.

However, words are cheap....

As far as I know, they not done the obvious decent thing and given away even a major proportion of the money they earned from operating on false principles.

If they did give away a major part of their wealth, it would be some little consolation to the many millions around the world who have been brought to deprivation and even ruin as a result of operating precisely those false principles. Sphere: Related Content

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ivan saaby nielsen said...

Their getting off the hook by saying sorry does seem like adding insult to injury, but I imagine there are practical (legal?) issues that hinder anyone, government agencies included, from pressing charges, which I imagine would be the only venue for any punishment.

I realise that my remarks are groundless, but they do reflect my view of "the system".