Saturday, March 21, 2009

Do we have a global failure of leadership? No....

Discussing this matter with a friend earlier today, we concluded that what we are confronted with is not a failure of leadership, rather the exploitation of leadership for personal gain.

A phenomenon that has always been well known in so-called "developing countries" (which I like to call "ever-developing countries" or "non-developing countries").

This phenomenon has now moved to the West because of the decline of the influence of Jesus the Lord in the West. As a consequence, we are now confronted not merely with many "non-developing countries" but even with a whole "regressing world". Sphere: Related Content


atulaswani said...

That's very much on the mark Mr Prabhu..

I think that leaders have begun to look at themselves as "Masters & Owners" of what they see instead of the "Servant & Steward" perspective which Jesus the Lord presents us with.

That is why the highly qualified wisdom of today's political and financial elite has bitten the dust so convincingly and I think God may have a smile on His face looking at how we have a tendency to be trapped in our brilliance.

Thanks for maintaing a stimulating blog!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, this is the first statement I have seen anywhere that names the problem as it is.

The biblical prophets were faced with the same condition many years ago, before Jesus' advent, and human nature has not changed beyond the need for his reign.

Mr. Guptara, how do we respond to such a condition as this?