Tuesday, March 03, 2009

One in the eye for The European Commission regarding Genetically Modified Foods

The European Commission usually bases its decisions regarding genetically modified foods (GMF) on the "scientific advice" provided by EU food-safety officials, who usually support the view that GMF do not present a health danger.

On Monday (March 2), Environment Ministers from EU countries successfully blocked a move by the European Commission to force Austria and Hungary to lift bans on genetically modified corn.

Britain, Finland, the Netherlands and Sweden supported the move to force Austria and Hungary to lift the bans, while all other countries did not see why Austria and Hungary should be forced to do something that they believe imperils health.

BTW, The German government is also considering whether it will lift its restriction on Monsanto's "MON 810 corn", which that government imposed in 2007. Let's hope that the supporters of Monsanto will continue to be defeated in Germany.

As I find myself being forced to repeat: I am FOR technological progress but, when it comes to human or animal health, or environmental matters, I am solidly of the view that we should not accept new products or technologies unless and until their potential for damage has been demonstrated by neutral outsiders as being, beyond doubt, nil. Something that is not yet the case with GMF. Sphere: Related Content

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