Thursday, January 27, 2011

Idiocies in an international world

I realised a long time ago that airlines have not coordinated the amount of luggage that a passenger may take without extra charge.

In my experience so far, it has varied from 20kg to 32 kg to unlimited weight but limited number of pieces.

This makes it very complicated to fly using different airlines, as one has to check each airline and adjust one's luggage accordingly.

Today I have discovered an airline (FlyBe, on which I am booked!) that allows only 15Kg in one piece of luggage!

So, even though it claims to have "the UK's most generous frequent flyer programme", I will certainly avoid that airline in the future, and recommend that you do so too.

I also recommend that we lobby IATA to coordinate international luggage rules to make travel more convenient for everyone. Sphere: Related Content

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