Friday, January 28, 2011

My letter to IATA on baggage rules - please send similar letters to IATA to start a campaign

Sirs/ Mesdames

In a world of international air travel, which IATA co-ordinates so well, why is there no co-ordination of baggage allowances?

This makes travel unnecessarily stressful for passengers.

Is there anything that passengers can do to strengthen your hands in achieving co-ordination of baggage allowances?

Many thanks

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Charles said...


You are justified to protest. I am glad you are naming specific airlines that you plan to avoid in the future because of their ludicrous baggage policies.

Apart from the super-cheap and cramped budget carriers like Ryan, I find AirBaltic the chief of offenders. I must fly this carrier many times each year. All hand baggage is limited (1 piece, including purses and small computer bags) and weighed. Even when flying transAtlantic routes with major international carriers, AirBaltic restricts check-in bags. ALL OF THIS IS DONE WITHOUT FLEXIBILITY OR RESPECT FOR THEIR PASSENGERS.

I have learned to stuff the pockets of my jacket and overcoat with books to avoid outlandish fees This is simply crazy.

There needs to be a Bill of Rights for Air Passengers that articulates clear baggage allowances and standardizes costs for overages.