Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Obama vs. Hu

It will be most interesting to see how this plays out.

Obama has apparently challenged Hu to consider that Beijing's prosperity is based on free trade. Obama has not spelt out that Beinjing's prosperity is based on free trade based on a playing field tilted in favour of China due to China's non-observance of ecological and human considerations.

Obama has also apparently put the argument that China's prosperity has been based on he stability provided by the presence of the US military in Asia. It will be fascinating to see how Hu responds to this, seeing that Taiwan is able to keep its independence from the clutches of the Communist Party principally because of the protection provided by the USA.

Perhaps President Obama forgets that without the presence of the US military, there would be another sort of stability in the region, based on Chinese hegemony. Sphere: Related Content

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