Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Argentina, here I come! Or: a possibly apocryphal fact regarding Victoria Ocampo

As I have to travel to Latin America (actually, only Argentina) later this year for the first time in my life, I am doing the occasional sally into Argentinian history (I did look at this briefly some years ago, but I'm afraid my memory needs refreshing, now that I am retired!).

One item of information (possibly apocryphal)that I have come across is that when the family of the novelist Victoria Ocampo used to undertake their annual visit to Paris, they used to take 2 Argentinian cows with them, so that they could enjoy good quality Argentinian milk, rather than the thin version they could buy in France!

Possibly, this is a story put about by the Argentinian farm lobby in order to increase the reputation of Argentinian milk and beef (primarily beef, I am afraid, which is supposed to be of the absolutely best quality in the world).

But possibly this is a true story: rich families from Latin America had legendary lifestyles.

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