Tuesday, June 14, 2011

To create US jobs, the US corporate lobby wants to sink the USA to the level of Greece

The current level of understanding among corporate leaders in the US regarding the concept of "strategy" is, I'm afraid, desperately poor.

As evidence consider the following:

Job creation needs a "strategic view" to succeed, according to Jeff Immelt, chairman and CEO of General Electric, and Ken Chenault, chairman and CEO of American Express.
Both of them are also on the President's Jobs and Competitiveness Council.

They say: "By making it easier to visit the U.S. through improved visa processes, we can win back market share in travel and tourism and create hundreds of thousands of jobs".

First, let's ask whether "improving visa processes" will not also make it easier to enter the US, and will therefore increase security risks once again.will increased tourism create "hundreds of thousands" of jobs? So it will require a massive propaganda job on the part of the US Administration to convince its population that that "improved visa processes" do not mean greater threat to security - and all the expenditure of time, effort and money on the propaganda will be instantly undone by just one bomb or attack of any other sort (do note, by the way, that the Chinese and/or some other government is still hacking away at the computer facilities of corporations, organisations such as the IMF, and defence establishments).

Second, increased tourism will certainly restore some thousands of jobs that have been lost as a result, since 9/11, of the creation of the Big Brother State in the USA. And if tourism really booms, then of course several thousand more could be added.

But could tourism alone create "hundreds of thousands" of jobs?

I am sceptical.

How many motels and hotels can you have?!

Think too: How many countries are competing to be tourist destinations?

Finally, the "strategic vision" of Immelt and Chenault for the US seem to boil down to financial innovation and tourism, so the question is: can an economy rely on financial innovation and tourism alone for the bulk of its jobs, without any manufacturing?

There are of course countries that rely on financial innovation and tourism.

Countries such as Greece.

Their problems are now too well known to be repeated here.

But at least we now know the exact level to which the corporate lobby in the President's Jobs and Competitiveness Council wants to sink the USA. Sphere: Related Content

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