Monday, June 27, 2011

To wear or not to wear the burqa

Carnita Matthews from Woodbine, Sydney, apparently a Muslim woman, accused of lying about police trying to tear her burqa off, avoids jail because her identity couldn't be proved.

Another Muslim woman, a defendant in France, in the first trial under the "burqa ban" law is sent home from the trial – for wearing a burqa!

So now all that is necessary to escape the law in these countries seems to be to have a sex change operation (if necessary) and declare oneself to be a Muslim.

But beware: both of these are irreversible (so far as I am aware, at present - the first biologically, and the 2nd under sharia law which effectively bans anyone leaving the Muslim fold because the penalty for that is death).

BTW, several supporters of Mrs Matthews are reported to have attacked cameramen following the decision and jostled the police, while Mrs Matthews’ lawyer is reported to have defended their actions saying, “They are obviously happy with the result and are expressing it in a way that is culturally appropriate to them”.

Here's an idea: why should newly sex-changed now-Muslim women not start a new custom that would now be even more "culturally appropriate": burn the courts. Sphere: Related Content

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