Sunday, June 12, 2011

I don't often publish anything very personal here, but

as it was my mother's 10th death anniversary recently, and as my 22 year old son, Suresh, has written the best of any of us for the occasion, I thought some of you might like to see it.

My mother (his grandmother) was always "Ammachi" to my children.

Here is what he wrote:

When I think of Ammachi I can't think of many happy positive memories
Mainly I think of suffering
But when I consider all Ammachi went through I am amazed
Amazed that despite - or through - suffering, she fought, she lived, she laughed, she loved

Now I find myself appreciating that strength
Realising how admirable it is
And praying that in whichever hardships I go through in life,
I can do so following her legacy:
going through suffering walking with Jesus, giving thanks at all times,
unwavering in thankfulness, hopefulness, and faithfulness

I can understand why she loved the psalms,
when I thought them a repetitive cry,
oscillating between joy and tragedy
But they are full of the raw emotions of life.
Universal, human truths given meaning and purpose by Godly presence

And so it was with Ammachi.
The presence of God gave her life, in all its fulness - the ups and the downs - a meaning and purpose that transcended any mere human thoughts, and made all suffering bearable beyond any mere human well-wishing.
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