Monday, July 23, 2007

Alexander Solzhenitsyn's Interview with German newspaper Der Spiegel

Available at:,1518,496003,00.html

I was kicked out of India during the days of the Emergency for, among other reasons, publishing (in the University newsmagazine I was resonsible for at the time) Solzhenitsyns' Nobel Prize Winning Speech, "One Word of Freedom".

So I have always had a sort of highly personal interest in Solzhenitsyn's work.

This interview with him is the most recent that is available, and reveals his latest thinking.

Though I think he is fundamentally (but understandably) mistaken about the concept of Russia about the Orthodox Church, about Putin, and many other topics, there is no doubt of his honesty, his commitment to truth, his moral courage, and his literary achievement (which is also an achievement in terms of historical and political discourse). Sphere: Related Content

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