Sunday, July 22, 2007

Priestly sex abuse of children in the Roman Catholic Church

So the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles has paid for $660 million to some 500 people who claimed to have been sexually abused.

Regretfully, this is often the way with big corporations, and with states however big or small (and, the Roman Church, which claims to be divine, is an interesting mixture of corporation and bureaucracy).

Organisations will usually do anything and everything to find scapegoats while hindering public scrutiny of the organisation.

What of secular virtues such as transparency? Accountability?

What of "religious" virtues such as confession and repentance?

What of organisational common sense - analysis of what is wrong with the organisation that it has produced such massive allegation of wrong-doing in so many countries, so that what is systemically wrong can be remedied?

Don't ask.

Because if you did, you might have to examine some curious pagan ideas (celibacy, an elite priesthood, an infallible CEO) which have been ensconced in this Church for centuries. Sphere: Related Content

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