Sunday, July 29, 2007

How much do people need to be paid to leave the Hindu fold?

According to Hinutva argument, I regret to say, they do not need to be paid very much at all.

As Mr. Vidya Bhushan Rawat put it in his article, " Equity of Faith in Secular India ?":
"For Hindutva, everybody who is dissatisfied with their faith has been paid a handsome amount of money to convert. Unfortunately, that is where the problem lies, as most of the converts are still much below the poverty line. If conversion had fetched good money and good life in monetary terms, I am sure the Brahmins, Banias and other upper caste Hindus would have been the first to grab the opportunity".

In fact, people who turn away from Hindu oppression are "rewarded" with social ostracism, discriminated against for employment, and are even beaten, raped or murdered. And yet people continue to leave the Hindu/ Brahminist fold in their thousands!

Many millions more would do so if only they dared. But, as Hindutva raises the stakes and makes it clear to what lengths it is prepared to go to preserve brahmindom, the people are becoming more and more willing to face the goons of the RSS and its allies.

So Hindutva needs to face the fact that its time in history is past. India has become irrevocably a secular state. The majority of Indians (composed, whether one likes it or not, of Dalits and OBCs) are much more likely to remain Hindus if they see a sensible Hindu community rather than the sort of power-crazed, proto-Nazi Hindutva groups that have been on view for the last few years.

The greatest enemy of the Hindus today are the Hindutva groups, just as the greatest enemies of Islam are the fundamentilist Al Qaeda and their ilk. Sphere: Related Content

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