Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Case of Shambo, the Temple Bull in Wales

The facts of this case are sufficiently in the public realm for me to not have to retail them in this Blog.

But I thought I ought to make public the fact that I have today written to the relevant Minister in the Welsh Government as follows:

"Dear Minister

I understand that your Government has decided to appeal against the judgment provided by His Honour Judge Hickinbottom on 16 July 2007.

His Honour's judement notes that Swami Suryananda's interpretation of Hindu beliefs maintains that "there is a spark of divinity in all animals". However, it seems to have failed his notice that "all animals", in the Indian tradition, includes not only include cows and bullocks, dogs and cats, and so on, but also bacteria and bacillii.

Given the grounds on which the judgment is provided (the protection of the rights of these sorts Hindus in Britain), it would be improper to destroy not only bulls and cows who might be suffering from dangerous diseases, but also bacteria and bacillii themselves, whether of tuberclosis or of any other variety.

In other words, it becomes entirely impossible to fight infectious diseases.

This idiotic interpretation of Hindu belief is rejected by most thinking Hindus today, whether in Britain, in India, or in other countries.

I therefore wish to express my support to your Government for appealing against this Judgment. " Sphere: Related Content

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