Saturday, July 28, 2007

Announcing an International Essay Competition (Fantasy Literature)

Do indulge a parent:

Sought After Media LLC (USA) has announced, in co-operation with Starbloom Ltd. (Ireland) and Nivedit Good Books Ltd (India), an international essay competition, based on the internationally acclaimed novel, Conspiracy of Calaspia, by my teenaged twins.

Entrants must have been born on or after January 1, 1982.

There are no other qualifications.

Essays can be up to 1,000 words.

Creativity and originality are the criteria on the basis of which an international panel of eminent judges will adjudge the top ten entries - totally independent of the writers, the publisher, the organisers and their families or employees. The panel of International Judges will be announced soon.

The ten winning essayists will be taken from their respective international airport for a 10-day literary tour of the UK, with the opportunity to have a partial-scholarship for the triennial Summer Institute of the C. S. Lewis Foundation from July 27-August 9, (a week each in Oxford and Cambridge).

There are one hundred runner-up prizes.

Recognising that the prize will tend to favour youngsters from privileged homes, the organisers have arranged for specific prizes for young people from Dalit ("outcaste"), inner-city, and other such backgrounds.

Information on the twins, the novel, the critical and popular acclaim are at:

Information on the novel itself is at: of Calaspia

Full details of the competition are at:

For your general information: the Italian-language translation of Conspiracy of Calaspia is on contract to be published next Spring from the largest Italian-language publisher, Mondadori, and the German-language and translation is due to be published by one of the oldest German-language publishers, Rowohlt, also next Spring Rowohlt has also selected Conspiracy of Calaspia as its lead novel for young adults for their 100th anniversary next year.

In fact, Mondadori and Rowohlt have signed up for the first THREE novels from the twins (I am not sure that I would have enough confidence in ANY 18-year olds to pay them solid money in anticipation of their producing work good enough to publish!). The twins are due to deliver the 2nd novel to them by the end of September this year and July 2008 respectively.

Conspiracy of Calaspia rose to number 2 on the overall Indian best-seller list (behind Kiran Desai's Booker Prize Winning novel!), and was therefore THE India best-seller for the fantasy section... Sphere: Related Content

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