Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Business Travellers Against Human Trafficking

Recently, someone recommended to me the website of “Business Travellers Against Human Trafficking” (BTAHT).

In case you wonder what "Human Trafficking" is, it is modern form of slavery.

According to BTAHT, more than 700,000 women, children and men are trafficked across borders every year into forced labor and sex slavery.

Thousands of these women and children are trafficked for travelers to use as prostitutes.

For the Bulgarian mafia alone, the annual profit from human trafficking and prostitution is over one billion euros, according to a RiskMonitor report.

Some companies in Canada, US, UK, Germany and Switzerland are beginning to watch the activities of employees who travel very frequently to Asia, if they suspect them of engaging in child sex tourism.

England – A report from the Border and Immigration Agency shows that at least 77 Chinese children have gone missing from a home under local authority control near Heathrow Airport. It is suspected that organized criminal groups are trafficking these children into prostitution and forced labor around Britain.

Scotland – A series of raids has broken up a Chinese gang run human trafficking ring in Scotland. Authorities say they seek to track down the customers of the brothels the trafficked women lived in as well.

Each of us can make a difference, specially if we travel internationally.

If you think or know that you have encountered situations of human trafficking (forced prostitution, forced labor), please report this incident on the website of Business Travellers. On this website you also learn how to find indications of Human Trafficking.

More: www.businesstravellers.org Sphere: Related Content

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