Friday, May 29, 2009

The new Manifesto of the Christian People's Alliance (the UK's Christian Democrats) for the European Elections

The Manifesto has just been sent to me by a friend.

So-called "Christian democrats" sometimes get up to strange things. Whether those strange things are "christian" or not, is not for me to say; but they are definitely not democratic.

Here, however, is the clearest political Manifesto that I have seen in a long time.

At least it presents clear policies with which one can agree - or disagree!

Though I don't see much here with which Hindus such as myself will disagree. For that matter, there isn't much here with which Buddhists, Jews, Muslims or Sikhs will disagree. In fact, I can't see why there won't be agreement from agnostics and atheists.

The policies are based on a few key principles:

- Greening the Global Economy

- Trade Justice and Equality

- Respect for the Human Person

- Ending Secrecy and Corruption

- Referendum Now! (Lisbon Treaty).

What avoids these being simply "motherhood and apple pie" is that they present quite specific actions - though on those there may well be disagreement.

In any case, here is the CPA website: Sphere: Related Content

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