Friday, May 29, 2009

UN Human Rights Council now being manipulated

In view of the task that the UN General Assembly has given the UN Human Rights Council (that of addressing situations of violations of human rights), the European Union yesterday slammed the UN Human Rights Council for failing to agree on an acceptable outcome of the Special Session on Sri Lanka's human rights violations and humanitarian crisis.

"We regret that the proposals presented by the EU to amend the Sri Lankan draft resolution could be neither discussed nor considered by the Council, as a 'closure of debate' rule was invoked by Cuba and supported by a majority of Council Members," said the EU Presidency, currently held by the Czech Republic. "Such motions contradict the very spirit in which the Human Rights Council was conceived" .

The EU had earlier called for an independent investigation of human rights violations in Sri Lanka, but the Geneva-based HRC merely called on Sri Lanka to protect minorities.

This raises questions about how long the UN Human Rights Council will remain credible. Sphere: Related Content

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