Friday, May 01, 2009

The Two-Futures Project

Most of my readers know that I am anti-Christian and anti-relgious because I am a follower of Jesus the Lord. However, whenever people do what is right (including christians and other religious people), then I try to recognise that.

So I am pleased to see American Evangelicals finally waking up to their global public policy responsibilities regarding the imperative of abolishing nuclear weapons.

Coming on top of the Evangelical declaration on the environment a few years ago, this is very positive. However, it is a pity that they, even today, see this as an "American" movement - as if Evangelicals from other parts of the world are irrelevant (at a time when there are more Evangelicals in other parts of the world than in the USA!). This is particularly ironic when at least one of the people listed on their Endorsements site is English.

For information on the Two-Futures Project: Sphere: Related Content

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It is illogical and embarrassing to maintain inflated military spending in this economic environment.

The USA has a budget for 2009 of 651 billion dollars. That's twice the military budget of EU, and almost 10 times the military budget of China. The US military budget has risen by over $100bn from $530bn in 2007.