Monday, September 05, 2011

Damned if you do, and damned if you don’t

Following the substantial losses in the Euro markets today (Monday), and in view of the anticipated fall in American markets tomorrow (Tuesday), Asian markets will probably take a beating when they open tomorrow.

The question is: how much of a beating.

The more of a beating they take, the more of a beating we can expect the Euro markets to take when they open, and the more of a beating we can expect American markets to take when, in turn, they open (though the dollar and T-bonds should strengthen as a result).

Meanwhile, American propaganda is attacking Euro markets as hard as it can. Some are attacking Merkel for not providing enough “leadership” (i.e. to provide support for Eurobonds, and for unconditional support to Eurozone periphery states). Others such as Alan Brazil at Goldman Sachs have apparently gone on the record to attack the Euro on the basis that the euro, "may weaken if additional financial support packages or stimulus measures ARE passed by European governments" (emphasis mine).

In spite of the loss of prestige associated with Merkel’s party suffering yet another defeat in a local election, the fact is that Merkel intends to push through a rescue package for Eurozone periphery countries on Thursday.

If so tomorrow will be a good day to buy Euros (I bought Euros 2 days ago, and am suffering the consequences temporarily; I expect to say a very loud “Ouch” tomorrow; however, I expect to recoup my losses and to make a bit by next week).
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