Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Paul Donovan and Julie Hudson's FROM RED TO GREEN (Earthscan, UK, just published)

Donovan and Hudson apparently set out to show "how the financial credit crunch could bankrupt the environment".

But they conclude that there are actually two separate but intertwined crises, that of finance and that of the environment.

Having provided an excellent, thorough and highly-readable analysis of the two crises, they do not offer any solutions beyond what I call "hope for the sake of hope": "If policymakers have the wisdom to listen to both economists and environmental experts, we should be able to keep the bailiffs at bay".

Now if policymakers HAD had the wisdom to listen to environmental experts (or, for that matter, to financial experts), we would not be in the messes that we are in!

For transparency, I ought to say that Paul and Julie are ex-colleagues of mine (they are still with UBS, I retired in March - though I don't know either of them well). Sphere: Related Content

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