Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The relationship of religion to inequality versus the relationship of religion to wealth

A friend draws my attenton to an article putting forward the view that the prevalence of religion in any country is related to the degree of inequality: http://tinyurl.com/693v8ao

I'm afraid that only exposes the superficiality of thinking among Christians. If they knew their Scriptures, they would know that extreme inequality is reprehensible but is not the explanation for the prevalence of relgious belief.

The correct explanation is that belief in the existence of God is universal, but the pride of the rich inhibits that belief.

We can expect the rich to tend to be unreligious, and we can expect the educated rich to tend to be anti-religious.

In every country and culture.

Of course, in every country and culture, there is no correlation between religion and genuine commitment to seeking after God, since religion is basically a systematised attempt to innoculate people against God - or, to provide an alternative metaphor, to anaesthetise people against any sensitivity towards God. Sphere: Related Content

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