Thursday, April 13, 2006

The best websites and blogs

As I'm on Sabbatical at present, I'm doing a bit of research into blogs and websites. Here are the best sites that I have found so far:

- on government waste in the USA:

- on corporate wrongdoing:

- on renewable energy:

- on social justice issues:

- on bioethics:

- on nanoethics:

On the ethics of robotics, I can find nothing authoritative, nor on the ethics of Artificial Intelligence. Indeed, not on the ethics of space exploration either.

- on Judaism:

- on Christianity:

- on Indian topics:

Regretfully, I have not yet found a site that is sufficiently representative of either Buddhist, Confucian or Islamic thought - though there are of course plenty of such sites, they seem to represent a particular side or the other of these philosphies/religions.

Anyway, nominations welcome for the best websites on the ethics of robotics, of artificial intelligence and space exploration, or on Buddhist, Confucian, Islamic and Chinese topics. Sphere: Related Content

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