Friday, April 28, 2006

New Book on the History of Tibet (Shangri-La discovered?)

Fascinating new evidence,1518,413526,00.html
that both the Chinese and the Tibetans have provided their own versions of Tibet's history… the true history may be very different.

It appears that Buddhism came into Tibet carrying the sword, and that it erased the indigenous culture, in much the same way that the communists later wiped out the Buddhists.

The book in question is: "The Silver Palace of Garuda: The Discovery of Tibet's Last Secret," by Bruno Baumann, published by Verlag Malik in Munich.

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enrica/boh said...

I am delighted to have discovered your blog. And you wrote on Tibet, and tagged it Giuseppe Tucci!

I have a blog on him, I wonder whether you read Italian...

Perhaps you know that Tucci, the teacher of my teachers -- my paramaguru, in fact -- worked a lot together with the scholars of the Bengali Renaissance, Tagore, Sarkar, Roy, Nag, ecc.

On Shangri-la, I am finishing up a book on Tucci and I demonstrate that what is written on him in the book is not all true.

Why are you interested in Tucci?
What do you do in Switzerland? I live in Milan and teach Sanskrit and Religions/Philosophies of India and Far East (Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism and Taoism).

All the best!

enrica garzilli

Prabhu Guptara said...

Thanks for your kind comments and I would be most interested to read your book on Tucci (yes, I did know that he was very involved with the scholars of the Bengali Renaissance) but sorry, Enrica, I don't read Italian....

My interest in Tucci is entirely due to my interest in these other fields (Bengal Renaissance, History of Buddhism, HIstory of India, et al)

Do let me have your e-mail ID (mine is: prabhu dot guptara AT ubs dot com)

I will be happy to answer your other questions...