Sunday, April 30, 2006

Indian President Kalam believes Bio-tech can alleviate human suffering

Speaking at the inauguration of the Indian Institute of Advance Research (IIAR) at Koba in Gandhinagar district, Dr A P J Abdul Kalam, who was till recently the President of India, said that the convergence of bio, info and nano technology will provide solutions to critical health problems. These technologies, he said, are "knocking at our doors and we should use that for the advantage of our people".

President Kalam is a scientist, so he should of course say such things and, as he is a humanitarian at heart, it is no surprise that he does so.

But he does not appear to have any understanding of the way in which science- and technology-based businesses function.

The convergence of bio, info and nano technology will certainly provide solutions to critical health problems - of the rich. And these industries will certainly make money for their investors sooner or later. Whether these industries and their products do much for the poor of India (or the world) remains to be seen.

Certainly if the history of the last 60 years or so is any guide, there are very few grounds to be hopeful. But one should never lose heart and one should consistently work to reverse the inhuman trends that have come to dominate ever since atheistic Darwinistic philosophies began to be systematically promoted in the world by those members of the global elite whose gods are money and selfish pleasure.

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