Thursday, April 13, 2006

What do we need to do to feed the world? (apart from getting rid of dictators and corrupt politicians?)

At the BioETHICS 2006 conference held the other day in the USA, Craig Winters of The Campaign to Lable Genetically Engineered argued that if everyone in the U.S. cut back beef consumption by only 10 percent, there would be more than enough grain released to feed very many more people than the entire current world population. And if U.S. agriculture policies stopped subsidizing beef, this would not only be a boon to taxpayers, but people would also eat less beef because the price would go up,and the result would be less obesity and better health.

However, I see that the EU has just approved of five more GM products. My choice to avoid GM food is being reduced every day because the biotech lobby insists that I should not know when I am eating GM food. If GM food is so good for us, why do they want to stop us from knowing when we are eating GM food?

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