Monday, April 03, 2006

New dodge by airlines

There is now a trick being used by airlines to get money off the public.

They advertise that it is cheaper to book online than to trouble their staff.

So my son goes to the airline's website and is informed that a ticket is available, and it costs UK£26.

However, due to some technical problem or other, the website won't allow you to actually make the booking.

So when you, eventually, fed up, ring the office of the airline to complain about the website being down, you are told that it is being attended to… you ask how long it will take to sort out, and of course the member of staff is polite but has no idea...and when you ask the whether you can book the seat with him, you are told that it will cost you UK£134.

When something like this happened the first time, we put it down to bad luck. But when it happened again, I decided that the minimum I ought to do is put this experience on a Blog.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem!

Started booking the flight online, but it didn't go further than a certain point, beyond which the website told me it was due to "technical errors" or some such thing.

Had to ring, where a) the prices were different and b) they did not give me the discount usually obtained by booking over the internet.

We tried the website from different locations at different times, and yet the staff had no clue, coming up with excuses such as "they often do updates at this time" - all the time?

After being forwarded a few times on the other side of the line, and once having had to wait for some minutes, I also wonder what the phone bill is like; I don't think it's a normal charge for that line.

Wonder what they'll come up with next.