Thursday, April 13, 2006

Cats, dogs and other pets - watch out!

If you don't yet know about Pleo, you certainly should. This robot is a lifelike long-neck dinosaur with smooth skin, and movements that are not jerky but smooth. Weighing slightly over 3 pounds, Pleo is packed with sensors that can detect sounds, light, touch and motion. Because it can manage 60 million calculations per second, it can cough, sneeze, blink, yawn and interact with humans. Pleo even turns his head around to see his back when someone touches him.

Pleo sheds no hair so that does not need to be cleaned out, has no odour that needs to be countered, will not die if its not fed (though it does need a bit of electricity from time to time), does not need to be taken for walks, or indeed have to be washed or brushed - and, best of all, is not moody! A pet that is really no bother at all!

What astronomical amount of money does it cost to purchase this miracle of technological creativity? Actually, $200.

Fewer and fewer people seem to have pets nowadays anyway. Am I alone in thinking that it will become even more rare to see real cats and dogs as pets?

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