Thursday, December 04, 2008

The best opinion piece on the terrorism in Mumbai - on an unknown person's blog

Not many people have looked at the real victims of the terrorist attacks in Mumbai.

One that has is Gnani Sankaran: "In a fit of anger and depression, I sent a message to all
the channels, 30 hours through the coverage. After all they have been
constantly asking viewers to message them for anything and
everything. My message read: I send this with lots of pain. All
channels, including yours, must apologise for not covering the victims
of CST massacre, the real mumbaikars and aam aadmis of India. Your
obsession with five star elite is disgusting. Learn from the print
media please. No channel bothered. Only srinivasan Jain replied: you
are right. We are trying to redress balance today. Well, nothing
happened till the time of writing this 66 hours after the terror

For the full piece, go to:

BTW "Mumbaikar" simply means an "inhabitant of Mumbai"
"aam aadmi" means "the common person"
CST is the short form for the main railway station in Mumbai, "the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus", which is even now better known by its original name, "Victoria Terminus" or "VT" - and which still looks exactly as it did in the 1960s - only more decrepit - as it seems to have been all this time without benefit of paint or any attempt at upkeep or restoration

I should mention that I don't know Gnani Sankaran, and had never even heard of him till I came across his piece while surfing.... Sphere: Related Content

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