Saturday, December 20, 2008

How to create interests before defending them: Lessons on international best practice for India from our very good and ancient friend, Russia

I had not realised till recently that Russia has been able to get away with creating breakaway territories (South Ossetia, Abkhazia) from Georgia on the basis of "defending Russian citizens" primarily because of the following trick: it GAVE AWAY Russian passports to Georgian citizens from these areas first!

Last month French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner broke the news that Russia is now distributing Russian passports in Ukraine's Crimea, so guess what comes next....

India is not usually slow in learning international best practice. So we should immediately start issuing Indian passports to everyone in Xinjiang and other Muslim-dominated areas of China. This will endear us to all Muslim countries (not to mention the U.S.) and enable to us to send our forces in support of the Muslim areas struggling for autonomy or independence from China, if China pushes us on its recent claims to Arunachal and its earlier claims to other areas.

Come to think of it: might not be a bad idea to offer Indian passports to all Tibetans too.... Sphere: Related Content

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