Friday, December 19, 2008

The fundamental lie on which the US relationship with China is based

An interesting report on the complexities of the US-China relationship is at:

The piece reminds us that the Republican party swallowed the lie, which was also later swallowed by the Democrats, that political freedoms follow economic prosperity.

This has never been the case throughout history, from the time of the earliest recorded empires in Chaldea and Babylon, to the present day.

Rather, political freedoms come at the cost of enormous sacrifice by a people when they value such freedom more than they value material prosperity, and indeed when they have been willing to suffer and even to be killed for the sake of getting such freedom for their peers and for succeeding generations.

This view is summed up in the phrase: "Give me freedom or give me death". A phrase that is true but uncomfortable, and therefore is not heard in our day which rather emphasises political correctness.

Why does our age deify political correctness? For the same reason that both the American political parties were willing to swallow the lie - because swallowing the lie make it possible to still one's conscience for the sake of material benefit. Its a case of "Don't talk about freedom and truth and other such messy things, let's just make money".

The problem is that the one certainty that will arrive at each of our doors is death. At that moment we will be faced with the question of what legacy WE leave for those who remain and those who come. And we will be faced with the question of the basis on which we face whatever comes after death. Sphere: Related Content

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