Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What sorts of things can and should be done now to prevent tendencies to national violence?

Here is an example from the Middle East:,2933,464684,00.html

I am also reminded that the terrorists struck Mumbai immediately after Pakistan had offered a free trade treaty to India - for the first time.

Has the possibility of a free trade treaty with Pakistan died with the terrorist attack? I hope not.

India should pursue the free trade option and not focus only on the question of banning the parties responsible for the attack.

The best counter to terrorism is economic progress. That can come from free trade. Let us pursue that and peace as aggressively as possible. Sphere: Related Content

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mesjay said...

Countering terrorism with economic progress would very likely have worked in Northeast India. But in the case of Jehadi (ideological)terrorism... would it?
Aggresively pursuing peace is a great idea.