Sunday, December 21, 2008

Putin and Mevedev trying to take Russia back to being a police state

I will be surprised if the Russian parliament turns down the government's bid to introduce much more stringent laws which take the country back into being a police state.

If the economic situation deteriorates in any country, the intelligent thing to do is always to open the country to further reform - if one wants to benefit the people.

However, if an elite wants rather to consolidate its hold on power, then there are only three possibilities:
- first, clamp down on internal dissent;
- second, raise the rhetoric against "external enemies";
(the above two are essential; if they don't work sufficiently, then it is always possible to turn to the third alternative which is disastrous not only for the country in question, but also for the country or countries chosen as the "enemy").
What is the third possibility? War.
Of course that needs to be suitably disguised as "response to aggression by the enemy").

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