Friday, December 19, 2008

Highs and lows

A friend of mine, in his Christmas message to all his friends, writes:

"2008 was a year with more "Lows" than "Highs" for many....But let us always remeber that the world has more "Highs" than "Lows"....I have as an example attached a picture of one of the world's "Highs" and wonders: The eternal man-made Machupicchu in Peru, which my wife and I visited".

This is a some of kind of "very nice sentiment" but is UNtrue topographically, economically, psychologically - and indeed from every other conceivable point of view.

However, the whole point of the story that is celebrated at Christmas is the following:
Someone stooped lower than it is possible for any mere human to abandon herself or himself; therefore that Someone can make it possible for us to live "high" even in the middle of the lowest of lows.

God rest you merry, my friends, colleagues, acquaintances and readers! This Christmas, LET nothing dismay you! That is, do not ALLOW yourself to be dismayed by anything. The One whose birth is celebrated at this time, died - and then rose from death, in order to give us hope. If you do not know how to receive hope from Him, drop a line or call me - or anyone else who knows Him.

Genuine hope cannot be built merely on very nice sentiments.

Genuine hope can only be built on truth. Sphere: Related Content

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