Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Signs of good faith

According to press reports this morning, the Indian government has handed over a diplomatic note to the Pakistani Ambassador in Delhi, demanding that, as a sign of good faith, Pakistan hand over 20 of India's most wanted men.

Probably, India's citizenry should also demand from our own government a "sign of good faith" that it intends to tackle the endemic corruption, and the structural disadvantage for Muslims, Dalits, OBCs, and so on. That is what provides the basic soil for the kind of terrorism we have seen in Mumbai.

After all, the violence does not seem to be the work of only 10 individuals. And this is not the first or the only incident of the increasing violence that is affecting India - whether from Muslim terrorism, Hindu terrorism, Naxalite terrorism, or goonda terrorism.

The systemic violence against the mass of our own people by India's own elite is what needs the most substantial attention. Sphere: Related Content

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