Saturday, December 13, 2008

Prabhu's latest broadcast on NPR

Discussing the origins of the current crisis, what should be done about it - and how you can keep yourself mentally at peace in the middle of all that is going on:

That's roughly 14 minutes, so make yourself a drink and enjoy that while listening to the talk on the internet - better still, why not invite a friend or family member to listen to it with you and discuss the following questions:

1. According to Prabhu, what were the few key things that created the current crisis?

2. According to him, what should be done about that?

3. What can I (or we) do as citizens and as members of our local, religious, family or friendship networks to help others understand what is going on and what could and should be done?

4. What is Prabhu's way of holding on to what is good/ beautiful/ true/ helpful, right in the middle of the current crisis? Am I (are we) simply burying our heads in the sand? What resources can we call upon to eye the crisis but still have peace in our hearts so that we can act humanly and humanely? Sphere: Related Content

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Forrest said...

The link failed for me, but the talk is available in iTunes at