Thursday, December 25, 2008

Russia's leadership of the new "Forum of Gas Exporting Countries"

Though this newly-constituted group will not be able to flex its muscles properly for a decade or so, it is being led by Russia while being headquartered in Doha (Qatar).

Why will the new Forum be unable to flex its muscles properly for a decade or so? Because its ability to fix prices and influence production is limited by the long-term supply contracts that are usual in the gas industry. Moreover, in comparison to oil, the transportation possibilities are relatively limited.

What is the significance of its being led by Russia but being headquartered in Doha? It indicates that Russia intends this new bloc to help build its interest in the Muslim middle east.

The stage is being set for Russia's public policy stance against Israel to be strengthened - preparing the way for what the book of Revelations indicates will be the situation at the end of human history as we know it.

That does not mean that the end of human history is around the corner! Though it could be... there are still several things in Revelations that need to be fulfilled, but they *could* start happening quite quickly.

In any case, history ends for us human beings with death and, even though we don't like to think about it at all, let alone as inevitable, we don't know if we will live another day, another hour or even another minute.

Better to live thankfully and as well as one can each day, in spite of the circumstances, than worry one's head too much about a future that one may not live to see. What we will certainly see is a performance evaluation by a CEO who knows everything and from whom nothing can be hidden, and who is able (unlike most CEOs) to reward absolutely everyone appropriately. Sphere: Related Content

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