Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Why is China re-starting censorship of news and of websites?

For those who considered that China was making some progress towards encouraging a freer press, it is now absolutely clear that the "progress" was a mirage.

China had merely freed up the international press so as to ensure that the international media did not boycott the Olympics.

Now, that the Olympics are safely over, China has re-imposed the old-fashioned censorship, as many of us argued was going to happen - see today's:

You might also want to see the statement, on the above matter, from the Committee to Protect Journalists (

Now watch out for rhetoric beginning to mount from China, against Taiwan, Tibet, Korea, Japan, India, or any other country .... IF rhetoric does begin to mount, consider it a danger signal - heightened rhetoric is always the first step to violence (though it may stop short of that, it may also NOT stop short). Sphere: Related Content

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